" ... the not-yet-subsided sea rolled in long slow billows of mighty bulk, and striving
in the Pequod's gurgling track, pushed her on like giants' palms outspread."

Chapter 83 – Jonah Historically Regarded


With all the time in the world,

a man can gaze at the horizon,

over a flat sea,

and ponder Jonah’s story

from every angle,

forming his own


Chapter 51 – The Spirit Spout

The waves rolled by like scrolls of silver.

til finally -‘Thar she blows!’

Whether truth, imagining

or wishful thinking -

who could tell . . .

No whale could be found.

And day followed day

followed day,

with only birds to jar the


Chapter  52– The Albatross

Bearded, bedraggled kinsmen

sail silently past

in a rusted ship,

the wind carrying them

towards the end of their circle,

ending where they began.

Schools of fish follow

as they leave the Pequod behind.

Is this our future?

Our own circuitous route

feels endless, pointless,

a barren maze,

with even Ahab subdued.


Chapter  53 – The Gam

A passing ship stops,

offering whaling 

and weather reports

and the crew of the Pequod

rushes to the rail to greet it.

Oh, the relief of different faces!

Maybe a chat with an old friend
of dear domestic things,

Perhaps a letter

for the fortunate few

from a year ago or two,

offering precious news




Chapter  58 – Brit

We mow through

the yellow feeding fields

their home

their harvest

their sea

without an inkling

we have no right to do so.

The cannibalism of the sea,”

says Man,

“Tis merely nature’s balance.”

But Man is the intruder here,

an interloper from

the most docile earth,

who makes it 

his life’s work

to Kill.

Chapter  59 – Squid

A profound hush surrounds the Pequod

as it drifts in the middle of nowhere

with a stillness almost preternatural

spread over the sea.

At such a time,

what goes on inside

a sailor’s mind?


Thoughts of home?

Other ways to earn a living?

As a man looks out

over endless nothingness

do thoughts work busily

inside his skull . . . or

is Ismael an


Chapter 81 – The Pequod Meets The Virgin

Ungrateful dogs,

down on yer knees.

Ye've got no business here

These are our seas!

Pathetic ye are,

with no oil of yer own,

You do not belong here

so why not go home.

Will ya burst a blood vessel, lads?

Spit fire or not?

A humped back old whale

is better than naught

So snag it and you’ll have

Hogshead in yer pot

Comon, snag it and you’ll have

Hogshead in yer pot

Chapter  91 – The Pequod Meets the Rosebud

A ship is its own domain

Out here at sea

Every man for himself

No brothers are we

I owe you nothing

Don’t need your name

Instead I’ll deceive you

We’re not the same

Listen to my story

As faithless as can be

About the sorry danger

Of floating debris

The Pequod’s guile

The Rosebud’s shame

Par for the course

In the whaling game.

Chapter 114 – The Gilder

Soothing waters

Warm sunshine

Utter quiet, save the lap

of gentle waves.

No time,

only this moment,

to hear oneself think

and even thoughts are calm.

Man is not always greedy,

blood–thirsty and

hungry to conquer.

On such a day,

a man meets his other self,

his better self.

Would it would last


Chapter 124 – The Needle.

After raging weather,

glorious, soothing sunlight

warms sea and ship and,

like giants' palms outspread,

enormous swells lazily

nudge the ship along.

But wait – in which direction?

With a dose of reality

and geography,

our Captain breaks the sun’s spell

and sets the Pequod

back on course.