'Rig it, dig it, stig it, quig it ...'

Chapter 101 – The Decanter

First things first

says one sailor to another

Forget the pay

what’s to drink, brother?

Before I set one leg upon this ship

Before ya say

where we’re off to on this trip

I’ll make it plain

and tell ya face to face

I ain’t going without gin

I drink it by the case

By the case, by the case

By the case, case, case

I can drink it night and day

While still whalin’ away

By the gill by the quart

By the barrel, any sort

Tell me do ye carry gin, man,

by the case?

Chapter  40 –Midnight, Forecastle

'Rig it, dig it, stig it, quig it,'

dance with me, sailor boy.

I’m far from my home

the seas I do roam

Let’s drink and dance while we can!

'Crack, crack old ship!'

mind ya don’t take a tip

and land in the deep blue sea

'A row a row,' and away we go

May God be with you and me.


Chapter  39 – First Night Watch

We know not

what lies in store, so

Why not laugh?

What’s worry for?

Why not laugh.

The bubbles that break

on your glass and mine

The froth on our lips

from this ale divine

We smile and we grin

Guffaws to the brim

Cuz I’d rather not know

what’s coming, my friend.

Why not laugh?


Chapter  15 – Chowder


Just landed and a nip’s in the air,

Ye can keep yer gold and silver,

give me chowder!

Comon’ lads, pull up a chair,

Ye can choose from clam or codfish

Give me chowder!

Hot steaming bowls

to chase the cold away

Rubbing elbows with my mates,

Bring it here now, don’t delay!

No, don’t mull it -

Fill yer gullet

Give me chowder!

Give me chowder!

Give me chowder!

(When’s breakfast?)


Chapter  54 – The Town–Ho’s Story

Take us away

from the deck or the hammock

From monotony’s dulling glare

Spin us a tale full of

grit, spit and spirit

and make us all wish we were there.

The stakes must be high

for those risking it all

And the hero, tall and well–featured

And if you can,

let there be Moby-Dick

That hideous, milky-white creature.

'The White Whale!

The White Whale!'

A chorus of woe rises up

with excitement and dread

But despite all the

fury and flurry of men

tis not Moby-Dick

who lies dead.

Chapter 127 – The Deck


May the song that ye sing

light yer way ease yer load

Hey, hey

May the ring of yer mallet

be the tune of yer ode


Not a thought in yer head

to intrude on the task

But a little conversation

makes the job go fast

Sing a song if ye like

to the beat of this spike

Nail it in -- Hey, hey

Nail it in.


Chapter 84 – Pitchpoling


Whale rolling

Stubbs does excel



The lance he propels

Aiming to kill

Blood he does spill

Sure footing


There’s no parallel.


Chapter  69 – The Funeral

Oh, Horrible vultureism of earth!

No one mourns this whale

Let me

Remember a life

Once mighty and free

Let me

Sing his praises now he’s dead

A melancholy song inside my head

Never forgetting 

He ruled the seas

Let me

Let me

Let me