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"Take out your map and look at it."

Chapter 6 – The Street




Fresh-faced belles,

Fellows who have felled forests – 

All dazzle on the streets of Bedford.

Sights and sounds to pack away

and savor during

long days and nights

at sea.

Chapter 7 - The Chapel

I duck inside 

to take refuge. 

Here, where moody fishermen

pay their respects 

before they sail,

I am protected

from the wind and sleet 

but not from thoughts 

of what lies ahead.

Words etched in marble 

line the walls

to pay homage 

to dear departed sailors.

John Talbot ~ Lost overboard 

near the Isle of Desolation

I stare ahead, straight ahead 

at the preacher.

Captain Ezekial Hardy ~ Killed by

a Sperm Whale on the coast of Japan

 Don’t look at the walls!

The Ship Eliza ~ 

Towed out of sight by a whale 

 I will go to sea I will go to sea.

Chapter 8 – The Pulpit

A man with a purpose

does not grow old,

only more robust, as

a light from within

shines through

shines out

ignites himself

and others.

Hand over hand,

he ascends the height

of the grand pulpit

and once there


Chapter 9 – The Sermon

Certainty is thy savior.

In this storm–tossed,

tumultuous world,

with death

to our left

and our right,

we look to Thee

Who never wavers

Whose word is law

and Whose punishment

is swift.

I am adrift when

in doubt

but afloat in Thy


Chapter 14 – Nantucket

These naked Nantucketers,

these sea hermits,

view land as a

mere stopping point,

good only for

touching base with the missus 

and breeding more sailors.

The sea is his; he owns it.

Bed me down on the waves!

Chapter 15 –  Chowder

Just landed and a nip’s in the air

Ye can keep yer gold and silver

give me chowder!

Comon’ lads, pull up a chair

Ye can choose  from clam or codfish

Give me chowder!

Hot, steamin’ bowls

to chase the cold away

Rubbin’ elbows with my mates,

Bring it here now don’t delay!

No, don’t mull it -

Fill yer gullet.

Give me chowder!

Give me chowder!

Give me chowder!

(When’s breakfast?)

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