"'Pull, pull, my hearts-alive; pull, my children, pull, my little one ...'

drawingly and soothingly sighed Stubbs to his crew."

Chapter  48 – The First Lowering



After months of anticipation

'tis time to lower the boats

and join the chase!

Focus – Pull – Row!!

If anyone be a fraud,

now’s the time to reveal it.

All eyes on the prize!

Sea legs ever steady ‘midst

the rolling of the waves!

Ah … 

‘twas a forlorn hope.

Back to the Pequod we row,

drenched to the skin and

no whale to show for it.

Chapter  49 – The Hyena

What else to do but laugh --

laugh like a wild Hyena!

Tis a vast practical joke, this

riding the back of a whale on

a matchstick.

So sharpen the quill

update the will

and prepare to do it all again


Chapter 51 – The Spirit Spout

The waves rolled by like scrolls of silver.

‘Thar she blows!’

Whether truth, imaginings

or wishful thinking,

who could tell . . .

for no whale could be found.

and day

followed day

followed day,

With only birds to jar the


Chapter  52 – The Albatross


Bearded, bedraggled kinsmen

sail silently past us

in a rusted ship.

The wind carries them

towards the end of their circle,

ending where they began as

schools of fish follow them

and they leave the Pequod behind.

Is this our future?

Our own circuitous route

seems endless,

a barren maze

with even Ahab subdued.


Chapter 86 – The Tail

Woe to that sailor, whiskers and all

when the fluke of a whale upon him does fall

and the oars and the crew around him do fly

and he’s floatin’ on his back starin’ up at the sky.

Yea, a grudging respect is all he can feel

for a wallop that lands with the weight of steel

and the planks of the boat around him do sprawl

very much as a juggler tosses his balls.

A mere man can offer little resistance.

Tis something to admire – but from a distance.

Chapter 131 – The Pequod Meets the Delight

So close, so close, so close . . .

Only a day away …

See there, that tattered whaleboat …

Over yonder, a foolish victim sliding

into his watery grave.

Only yesterday they faced

the White Whale but

were no match for him -


He is mine, all mine . . .

and I am closing in.

Chapter 133 – The Chase – First Day

In a culmination of

frenzied anticipation,

the ultimate prize presents itself,

rising from the waves with

a hump like a snow-hill.


Ahab is ready.


And tossed


Chapter 134 – The Chase – Second Day

"I  am the Fates’ lieutenant,"

Ahab confides to Starbuck,

"I act under orders."

Unlike God, Fate has no mercy,

its urgency a

driving force that ignores

all good angels who

mobbing thee with warnings.

Reason and caution

play no part

in a feverish mind.

Chapter 135 – The Chase – The Third Day

The sea is calm,

gentle waves lapping

as sunlight shines through

their transparent folds

in glittering shades of

gold and green and blue.

No trace remains of

what transpired here …

The chase

The chaos

The splattered bodies

and scattered planks 

of wood that

were once a ship …

Does any of it matter?

Tis the same sea Noah knew

Lo, these five thousand years.

Nothing’s changed.

Man’s hubris continues


Making no difference

at all.